As a business owner you always have a question: “Does my business need a website or blog?, which will be better for my business visibility? “ And so on… There comes plenty of platforms to spread a word about your business like radio TV, advertising, social media marketing etc., but to choose the right one at right time makes it a success. In this era, online presence is important and it is always better to invest in something which can market your company 24/7. So a simple website or a blog is a smart move, but can do more than we can think…
Take, for example, an event planner. When a person wants an event to be organized for him, it’s important to know who can do the job right. The event planner who has a website has a distinct advantage over one who doesn’t. A website that lists the types of services performed, photos of your work, contact information, and service area, gives you the kind of information you need to hire that event planner.
The event planner who goes a step further and adds a blog to his website has the potential to earn more business than his competitors.

Benefits of Having a Business Website
Small or Large business, having a website for your business, even if you don’t do any business online, is a smart move. A company website will give customers a handy information of your business if they search for your brand name, rather than just looking at local search results or maps.
Even a small and simple website with just a few pages is enough to improve the probability of searches choosing you for the products or services they desire. Now, you may think of a website as something very large or costly which requires high graphic design or advance copywriting, but this isn’t always the case. You may only need a homepage and a few supporting pages (like about us, services, what we do, contact information, and so on).
Of course, a business website can do more than provide existing customers with contact information, or serve people searching for your brand name. A small content marketing, link building, or local SEO campaign can help ensure that you rank for broad keywords in your area, increase your online presence and reputation, and provide potential leads with valuable content that will keep them coming back for more.
A business website can not only give customers an easy way to contact you, but can increase your online business and make it more likely that those seeking out your products or services will find you.

Benefits of Having a Business Blog
If a website seems like too much work, you have a limited budget, or you want your customers to know about your business updates, a blog might be a better choice. Business blogs can usually be set up for free, or for a very small investment, on platforms like Wordpress, Blogger, Tumblr, Typepad, and several others.
Blogs help your business by postinglatest updates that current customers will find helpful. For example, if your company have a blog, you might use it to notify on new offers for every season, products that are in stock, or special promotions, store launch etc. Blogs typically have a more personal feel, and interesting content is mostly to be shared from a blog.
A blog is an inexpensive, and can usually be maintained by one or two members of your team. However, the important nature of a blog is that it requires frequent updates: unlike a website, blogs are expected to be updated with new content at least once or twice a month. Customers can easily lose the interest to read or trust “outdated” content, so you will need to be very careful and calculative of how much time is spent on your business blog.

Which is Better for You?
The website or blog debate doesn’t have a definite answer. Some companies find that simply having a blog is enough to establish their online presence, especially if they edit their theme or skin to include important contact information. On the other hand, other businesses don’t see a need to blog, and simply create small websites that allow them to be more easily found.
Blogs give business owners an opportunity tonotify all current updates and offers, and create and easily distribute shareable content, but they do come with the expectation of regular updates. On the other hand, a company website doesn’t need to be updated as frequently, because customers expect them to have static content. But a website usually requires a larger investment, and some graphic design or copywriting skills.
Both websites and blogs can increase your visibility online, and ensure that customers find what they are looking for. Both can help you rank for important keywords. However, do you really need to choose between blogs and websites? Why not do both?

Why Not Both?
A website or blog can dramatically impact your presence online, and increase your reach in a big way. But do you really need to decide between the two? Now a daysmany companies choose to invest in both a website and a blog, and the results can sometimes be dramatic.
A combination of any company website with its blog can be a very powerful tool to increase awareness and grow your quality links. If you write a great post on something related to your industry, and it is shared constantly, you are likely to see customers visit your site on the basis of that post. Also, blogs can give customers something to read when they come to an otherwise static or evergreen website, and can increase your brand affinity. This way we keep our customers engage with our company website.
Having a company website attached to your blog also provides an easier way to find contact information, or learn more about what your business has to offer. Also, an evergreen website with keyword-rich copy and more powerful links is likely to rank well, and attract attention from potential customers.

A blog on its own could easily confuse shoppers or customers who are trying to find information that a simple blog just doesn’t offer, like operating hours, history, or contact information. On the other hand, a website on its own may not have enough content to build links or inspire social shares, both of which are very important for making your business more popular on the Internet.
So while both a blog and website are powerful tools individually, they are even more powerful when they’re used together especially when they share the goal of promoting your company online. Even if you don’t sell anything on your website or blog, you can still increase the likelihood of offline sales by giving your customers the right kind of content and information at the right time.

Page Coders Can Grow Your Presence Online
Whether your company needs a website or a blog – or both – Page Coders can help you build, create, improve, and grow your presence online. We have a huge portfolio owing the work we have done for both ecommerce, simple company website and large and small businesses who wanted to grow their reach online.
If you want your business to be found by searchers, leads, and potential customers, talk to us about our search engine optimization otherwise called as SEO, content marketing, digital marketing, brand awareness, branding and link building programs. We’ll create a custom strategy just right for you, no matter which methods you choose to promote your business. We will always help you with the right thing which your business actually will need.